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Wall plate -Sri Ram

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Hand-painted wooden Indian-themed wall plates are a beautiful and artistic way to add a touch of Indian culture and design to your home decor.

This plate is made of wood and is carefully hand-painted by skilled artisans.

Indian-themed wall plates often feature intricate designs and motifs inspired by Indian art, culture, and traditions. They may depict traditional Indian patterns from Indian mythology. The colors used in the paintings are vibrant and rich, reflecting the vibrant culture of India.

These handcrafted wall plates are not only decorative but also carry a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship. They can be used as standalone decorative pieces on walls or as part of a larger wall art arrangement. They are perfect for adding a unique and artistic touch to living rooms, dining areas, entryways, or any other space where you want to create an Indian-inspired ambiance.

Overall, hand-painted wooden Indian-themed wall plates are a wonderful way to incorporate Indian aesthetics into your home decor, adding a touch of beauty and cultural richness to your living space. These plates can be hung on walls, placed on stands or easels, or incorporated into wall art arrangements.



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A Sri Ram wall plate is a decorative wall plate featuring an image or depiction of Lord Rama, a prominent figure in Hindu mythology. Lord Rama is considered one of the avatars (incarnations) of Lord Vishnu and is highly revered in Hinduism.

The artwork on Sri Ram wall plates is intricate, with attention to detail in capturing the features, expressions, and divine attributes of Lord Rama. The colors used are vibrant and reflects traditional Indian art styles.

Size: 10 inches

Material: Solid wood, well varnished hook at the back to hang the plate easily

Care: Wipe with the damp cloth

Making time: 5 to 7 days

Dispatch time:  5 to 7 days days from the making time

Colors may vary from what you might see on screen. Each piece is individually handcrafted and painted by hand, so tiny little
imperfections are part of the process.